About Me

Gosh, About Me pages are hard.

Short version: My name is Erin and I’m a 30-something living in Toronto with my husband and our two cats (Fizz and Skittles).

Fizz and Skittles

Oh, you want to know more??

Ok well I guess I’ll talk about how I got my start in baking…

To be honest, I can’t really remember. I know I always wanted to bake when I was a kid, but my parents generally didn’t want to have “unhealthy” things around the house. As I got older, my mom started volunteering her time (and mine, and my brother’s time) to the CIBC Run for Breast Cancer and as part of her fundraising one year, my mom asked me to bake cupcakes that she could sell. At $2 a pop, they sold out in minutes and I always say that’s why my obsession was born.

As I grew older and moved out of my parents house, I learned that baking was a great way to de-stress after a trying day of work. I would go home and bake cookies in the ancient oven in my rented apartment, and by the time I was finished a few batches, my tensions had melted away.

Now my weekly posts have led to some very happy work colleagues on Monday mornings, a quarterly office charity bake sale, and a reputation for making my co-workers  and friends gain weight (but also gain happiness, I like to think 🙂

Most of the recipes you’ll find on my site are my favourites from my travels around the Internet. I’ve made them loads of times over the years, and have modified most of them in small ways to make the recipes my own. I post A LOT of my baking on my Instagram (@queeneets) so head on over and follow me. I like new friends 🙂

And that’s me!  Nice to meet you!



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